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Meet Our Staff

we want to be lazy, please don't make us do our job...



Lexyy17 !

Hey I'm Lexyy17, I've been playing Minecraft since 2012. I'm the self proclaimed queen of AFK and a serial project starter (but rarely finisher lol). In the last year I've discovered I have a knack for making super efficient farms.
When I'm not playing Minecraft - or at work - I'm usually doing stuff with my 2 kids, binge watching shows/movies I've seen a million times or cooking/baking for my family.

AspectXeon !

Heyoo I'm Aspect. I am a full-time college student majoring in computer science with a focus on coding. Any time we have our "deaths" leaderboard on the sidebar, you will most likely find me within the top 3 slots. I tend to start a lot of projects or have big ideas but rarely finish/follow through with them. In the past year or two I have found myself to be a firm believer of "fuck around and find out". Also learned that I have a knack for helping Lexyy make efficient farms.When I'm not on the server or doing projects, I can normally be found playing FiveM, Fortnite, watching shows/movies or just being a crackhead (doing something dumb)

Whitelist Application

if you are looking for unban request, please head here

Server Rules

any attempts to find a loophole within our rules will result in a ban

General Rules
- No use of malicious client side mods
- No use of xray or freecam
- No use of auto placement mods
- No stealing or using private farms without permission
- No griefing of any sorts
- Keep personal villagers under [8] as we do have a public trading village
- Keep the community positive, any issues with others should be dealt with out of server
- Know your limits and watch your lag
- No PVPing without consent
Nether Related Rules
- Portals must be moved to the nether roof
- Any and all builds on the roof must be spawn proofed
- No portal trapping, we are not an anarchy server
- Do not go through portals marked as private without permission
End Related Rules
- First dragon fight is a community event
- Do not unlock all end gates by yourself
- Outter end island can and will be reset, inform staff of any builds out there
- Any and all farms around 0/0 are public and should be treated as such
Shopping Related Rules
- Try to not heavily undercut another store if there are other things to sell
- Do not build stores that block the views of other stores completely
- Selling of limited edition items is allowed, make sure to price it accordingly
- Selling of your store and plot is allowed, just keep the economy in mind

In summary, don't be a dick and use common sense

Public Server Commands

if a command doesn't work, please inform staff ASAP

Teleport Commands
> /warp
> /warp Spawn
> /warp Housing
> /warp AdminShops
> /warp Crates
> /pw set (name)
> /pw (name)
> /pw list
> /pw amount
> /pw desc set
> /pw category set
> /tpa (user)
> /tphere (user)
> /tpaccept
> /tpdeny
> /rtp
> /back

Home Commands
> /sethome
> /delhome
> /renamehome
> /home (name)
> /abandonclaim
> /buyclaimblocks
> /sellclaimblocks
> /transferclaim
> /trust (user)
> /untrust (user)

Misc. Commands
> /squaremap hide
> /squaremap show
> /discord link
> /discord unlink
> /mcmmo:stats
> /vote
> /jobs browse
> /balance
> /balancetop
> /trigger ch_toggle

Allowed Client Modifications

if you have a question, please reach out to server staff

Server Features

list of most everything that the server has to offer to you as a player of the community

Server Voting

voting is a great way to show your support for the server. make sure you are in-game before voting!